How to install a wafer butterfly valve?

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The wafer butterfly valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines. The wafer butterfly valve itself has a relatively small structure. You only need to put the wafer butterfly valve in the middle of the flanges at both ends of the pipeline, and use stud bolts to pass through the pipeline flange. The wafer butterfly valve is locked to control the fluid medium in the pipeline. The wafer butterfly valve is especially suitable for places with narrow space or a short distance between pipelines.


Why people use wafer butterfly valves?

What is the structure of the wafer butterfly valve?

How to install a wafer butterfly valve?


Why people use wafer butterfly valves?

wafer butterfly valve can be used for transmitting mud that fewer liquids are stored at apertures of pipe.

Sealing face of the wafer butterfly valve is generally med of rubber or plastic. Under low pressure, wafer butterfly valves can realize good sealing.

Wafer butterfly valves have excellent regulation performance.

When wafer butterfly valves turn on completely, a passageway of seat has large effective flow area and less fluid resistance.

The wafer butterfly valve has less torque. The pressure on disc at the two sides of spindle is almost equal, causing contrary torque. Thereby, the wafer butterfly valves can be opened with less force.

The elastic seal of wafer butterfly valve is produced by the torque.

The clever wedge-shaped design makes the wafer butterfly valve have the function of automatic sealing as the valve closes tighter and tighter. The sealing surfaces of wafer butterfly valves have compensatory properties and zero leakage.

Wafer butterfly valve has small size, light weight.

Wafer butterfly valve is easy to install and operate.


What is the structure of the wafer butterfly valve?

The materials used for wafer butterfly valves are classified into polymer and metal. Seat made of polymer is mainly used under low temperature. Although metal sealing wafer butterfly valves are satisfied with conditions having high temperature and pressure, elasticity on metal seat is less than that on polymer seat. So, metal sealing wafer butterfly valves have poor sealing.

The wafer butterfly valve with a single eccentric structure, in which the sealing section of the valve seat or the bisector in the thickness direction of the butterfly plate is relatively eccentric with the rotating center of the valve stem, makes the butterfly plate sealing surface gradually separate from the valve seat sealing surface during the opening process of the wafer butterfly valve. When the wafer butterfly plate rotates to 20° or up to 25°, the sealing surface of the butterfly plate is completely separated from the sealing surface of the valve seat, which greatly reduces the relative mechanical wear and extrusion between the two sealing surfaces during the opening process of the wafer butterfly valve, thus improving the sealing performance of the wafer butterfly valve. This design mainly relies on the elastic deformation between the butterfly plate and the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the wafer butterfly valve.


How to install a wafer butterfly valve?

For the installation of the wafer butterfly valve, it must be laid flat before installation. Remember not to bump wafer butterfly valve at will. After it is drawn to the installation length during installation in the design of the on-site pipeline, it is not be allowed to disassembled the wafer butterfly valve at will. The wafer butterfly valve can be installed in any position. After the it is installed, the wafer butterfly valve needs to be laid along the line. A bracket is made for the wafer butterfly valve. Once the bracket is made, it is strictly forbidden to remove.

When installing the wafer butterfly valve, if the wafer butterfly valve does not perform temperature compensation, only installation and replacement are not enough. Once you install the wafer butterfly valve, pay attention to its screw and screw limit. At the same time, it is necessary to record the size and diameter of the screw, as well as the force wafer butterfly valve can withstand. After these records are complete and standardized, you must not repeatedly lift the screw. Check whether the installation is completed depends on whether both sides of the pipeline are parallel.


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