How does the wafer butterfly valve work?

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Wafer butterfly valves are one of the most useful valves you can install in your service. The wafer butterfly valve covers all three major functions so you get the best of all three kinds of valves. The wafer butterfly valve can start, stop and control the flow of media. When the wafer butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body. Therefore, the pressure drop generated by the valve is vaery high. The wafer butterfly valve has better flow control characteristics.


How to use wafer butterfly valves?

How does the wafer butterfly valve work?

How to clean the wafer butterfly valve?


How to use wafer butterfly valves?

Wafer butterfly valve’s operation can be done manually, electronically or pneumatically. If electronically opened, a signal from a remote source tells the gearbox located on top of the wafer butterfly valve body to turn the stem so the disc also moves. If pneumatically-driven, a piston is attached to the side of the body. This will provide the air pressure needed to open the wafer butterfly valve. This type of actuation operates the quickest.

To open the wafer butterfly valve, a handle is turned a quarter-turn. Inside the wafer butterfly valve body, the disc changes position from being perpendicular to the flow of the media to being parallel to it. The disc moves away from the seat and towards the centerline of the valve. If the wafer butterfly valve is opened in a full quarter turn, the valve allows the passage of the medium in full force. There is a slight pressure drop when the wafer butterfly valve opens.

To close the wafer butterfly valve, make another quarter turn in the opposite direction. In this sense, the parallel position of the disc moves to the perpendicular position and as it does, it positions itself to the seats for an even sealing. This is the fully closed position.


How does the wafer butterfly valve work?

The body of the wafer butterfly valve covers and protects the internal parts of the butterfly valve. The seat of the wafer butterfly valve covers the inner edge of the walls of the valve. The disc lodges to the seat when the valve is in the closed position.

The disc of the wafer butterfly valve is thin in the middle. Together with the seat, it seals off the flow of media when the wafer butterfly valve is used for isolation. For the control of flow, the disc moves to partially open or close, allowing a certain amount to pass through.

The wafer butterfly valve is one of the few industrial valves that are both efficient in isolating and regulating the flow of media. The wafer butterfly valve is also quick to open. The disc is attached to the stem, either through the former or the stem is at the back of the disc. The stem is attached to the handle that is either placed on top of the body or at its side.


How to clean the wafer butterfly valve?

Wafer butterfly valve has good fluid control characteristics. The structural principle of the wafer butterfly valve is most suitable for the manufacture of large diameter valves. Wafer butterfly valve adopts a triple eccentric structure that the valve seat and disc sealing surface are made of different hardness and stainless steel. Wafer butterfly valve has good corrosion resistance and long service life. Wafer butterfly valves are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, and water supply and drainage, and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines to adjust flow and carry out fluid use. So, how to clean the wafer butterfly valve correctly?

According to the processing requirements, some parts of wafer butterfly valve need to be polished, and the surface must not have processing burrs.

All parts of the wafer butterfly valve are degreased.

Pickling passivation is carried out after degreasing, and the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus.

Rinse with pure water after pickling and purification, and there should be no residues of chemicals. This step is omitted for carbon steel parts of wafer butterfly valve.

Use a non-woven cloth to dry the parts one by one. Do not leave the surface of the parts such as wire bristles, or blow dry with clean nitrogen.

Use non-woven fabric or precision filter paper dipped in analytical pure alcohol to wipe each part until there is no dirty color.


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