How to maintain wafer butterfly valves?

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Wafer butterfly valve is a simple structure of regulating valve, which can be used for low-pressure pipeline as a medium switch control of the wafer butterfly valve. Wafer butterfly valves can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other types of fluid. The cutting and throttling functions of wafer butterfly valve are mainly used in pipelines. The opening and closing piece of the wafer butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjusting.


What is the working principle of wafer butterfly valve?

What is wrong with the wafer butterfly valve?

How to maintain wafer butterfly valves?


What is the working principle of wafer butterfly valve?

The body of wafer butterfly valve covers and protects the internal parts of the butterfly valve. The seat of wafer butterfly valve covers the inner edge of the walls of the valve. The disc lodges to the seat when the valve is in the closed position.

The disc of wafer butterfly valve is thin in the middle. Together with the seat, it seals off the flow of media when the wafer butterfly valve is used for isolation. For the control of flow, the disc moves to partially open or close, allowing a certain amount to pass through. 

The wafer butterfly valve is one of the few industrial valves that are both efficient in isolating and regulating the flow of media. The wafer butterfly valve is also quick to open. The disc is attached to the stem, either through the former or the stem is at the back of the disc. The stem is attached to the handle that is either placed on top of the body or at its side.


What is wrong with the wafer butterfly valve?

When we installed the wafer butterfly valve, we do not carefully check the valve usage, performance specifications and other issues, which often caused the wafer butterfly valve to have the following common faults.

Wafer butterfly valve cannot change direction or change direction slowly. This is generally caused by insufficient lubrication, stuck or damaged springs, and oil or impurities stuck in the sliding parts.

After long-term use of the wafer butterfly valve, the valve core sealing ring is worn and the valve stem and seat are damaged.

The inlet and exhaust holes of the wafer butterfly valve are blocked by sludge and other debris. The sealing function of wafer butterfly valve is not tight. The movable iron core of wafer butterfly valve is stuck.


How to maintain wafer butterfly valves?

Wafer butterfly valves need regular maintenance and repair after working in different working environments for a period of time. General maintenance can be divided into minor repairs, medium repairs, and heavy repairs.

The specific analysis for maintaining wafer butterfly valve depends on the environmental conditions of the pipeline. Because different industries require different maintenance and repair procedures. For example, in the pipeline maintenance of petrochemical enterprises, the pipeline pressure is required to be lower than PN16MPa and the medium temperature is lower than 550°C.

The minor repair process of wafer butterfly valves, including cleaning nozzles and oil cups, replacing O-rings, cleaning threads and valve stems, removing debris in the valve, tightening screws, and configuring handwheels. All of these can be used as scheduled maintenance. 

In order to prevent rust and oiling, wafer butterfly valves should be properly maintained. At the top of the wafer butterfly valve, there is a lubricating oil fitting. Make sure to apply grease to the neck of the wafer butterfly valve at regular intervals until the excess grease flows out.


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